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Collabmix 2.0 is Here!

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We hope your music making has been going well in 2017. We want to introduce you to our new design and new features, to help you manage all of your own projects and collaborations better.  We will also be in touch more, with more updates, like our mobile app coming soon, tutorials, interviews, and just overall cool stuff. We hope to feature some of your music too! Make sure you check everything out on the web and the mobile site. It’s 2 different experiences!   Here are some of the new goodies: ​New unified dashboard Find any file, message, or task, without having to go directly into that specific work space, and filter everything by a specific person.   Search/Browse skill sets Make sure to tag your profile with your skill sets, so others can find you.   Launch screen The Home/Launch screen is here to simplify the 3 different sections of the site.     Clearer menus Need we say more?     It goes down in the DM! Now you can send anyone a message, just by visiting their profile page, or enter their username in your message section up top next to notifications.   Wave forms Who doesn’t like seeing sound waves?     New mobile site design We didn’t forget to update the mobile site either.

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