Rico Wade on Collabmix!

We sat down with Rico Wade to discuss our new application, Collab! Collab makes it easier for songwriters and producers to share files and edit songs. Due to everyone’s busy schedule in the music industry, sometimes it’s impossible to always be in the place at the same time. Collab makes it easy for everyone to work on the same project without being in the same room; one person can upload the files and someone else can pull the sounds off or simply add to them. Rico explained that not only does it gives producers the opportunity to work on the same project, but it also gives artists the opportunity to work with different kinds of producers. He also compared it to what we know as a¬†“remix.” A Dj could take the¬†acapella version and add a remix to and it would become the official remix of a song. However, in order to do this you must collab with an existing song. Collab is the application producers and songwriters have been waiting for!